Friday, 30 November 2012

This 'n' That

I've finished all the blocks for Easy Street's step one.  Some were scraps, some yardage, which is the same for all the fabrics in this quilt, which makes it a scrappy scrap quilt.  ;)  I used thirteen different light neutrals and I am happy with the way they go together.  I've not trimmed them....yet.

There were a few twosies and four patches that did not reach muster.  The twosies will be unpicked and all have a new home in the scrap box.

To help pass the time as I was pressing, I watched Free Motion Machine Quilting For Beginners, Liberation From The Ditch dvd by Helen Godden.  It is a very informative dvd and I feel like I can fmq anything now!

Next year I may be teaching a lot of the same kids I've taught over the last couple of years (our school's way of being environmentally friendly....we recycle children).  I was browsing online the other day looking for some new ways I could use anamorphic art as a link between Mathematics and Art, dovetailing into  perspective drawing lessons, when I came across this site (which has nothing to do with anamorphic art, and everything to do with Mathematics and quilting).  If you are interested in the geometry of quilts, there are links to some interesting articles.  A bit more searching led me to this page, with a rather sweet narrative by a mathematician about quilts.....also a stack of hst block ideas there, too.

That is when I decided what I was going to do for my Easy Street leader/ender project.  I've pretty much decided to repeat the same block using the same fabric to create a quilt.  I can see a lot more hst quilts in my future!

I finally finished DS' rib scarf a couple of weeks ago.  He is very happy with the result.  It is a bit hard to see, as I only thought to take the photo just before I gave it to him.  I used Cleckheaton 8 ply.  It has been my "go to" wool ever since I started knitting.  It is easy to knit with, non-scratchy, machine washable and they sell it at my favourite yarn shop for a very reasonable price.

I've been thinking for a while now that a lace scarf would be nice, so I dug out Vogue Knitting Stitch Dictionary 5 and picked the first pattern Dotted Rib.  I didn't want a complicated pattern, as it will get lost on the yarn.  I've only been knitting it for a couple of nights and am very happy with it.

I also found out what happens when I try to wind double the recommended amount of yarn on an electric ball winder, too! lol

I'd also like to introduce you to the latest additions to the garden.

Now all we need to do is give them names!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Cruising Down Easy Street

As soon as I read this post by Bonnie Hunter I was off and racing, pulling out all my reds, greens, blues and greens in anticipation for Easy Street - this year's mystery QAL.

Friday night saw me auditioning neutrals - paring it down from 39 dark and 20 light neutrals to12 light neutrals for Bonnie's black on white fabrics and the darker fabric with the spots in the picture below as Bonnie's grey.  

Saturday saw me cutting strips and scraps for some power sewing and cutting....

Today saw me sewing forty nine four square patches.  When I saw the strips shown up yesterday, I wasn't quite sure about the colour combo, but after seeing them as four patches, I realised I like them....a lot!

So tonight I'm pinning twosies in anticipation of finishing all the four patches before the second step is posted next Friday.  

Updated Monday 7.25pm.....I've just linked up my progress at the Easy Street Link Up Monday.  I'm really looking forward to seeing who else has linked up and their progress over a bowl of  Goan curry, which is just about ready to come out of the oven.....  

Saturday, 24 November 2012


Welcome to my new blog.  It's a bit empty at the moment.....but there is cake!  The real life version was absolutely delicious!  A friend of The Missus makes them.  :)