Saturday, 9 February 2013

Followers and Word Verification

Pandy kindly told me that I didn't have a followers button on my new blog.  Thanks for letting me know, Pandy.  It was very much appreciated.  Word verification has been removed, too.

New Beginnings

The Missus and I went our separate ways a few weeks ago.  I have a new life and part of it means a new blog.  I will be deleting this blog sometime over the next week or so.  My new blog is Keep Calm, The Kettle's On!  I hope to see you there!

Peg, if you are reading this, I will email you with all the necessary details re OPAM.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sunday Morning

Early this morning I photographed a couple of the pink bottlebrush in the back garden.

They were planted to attract insects and birds into the garden as well as be beautiful.

They are all a bit too small for both the nectar and insect eating birds, but in another 18 months time they will be just the right size.

While this was going on Tim waited patiently for his bath and pondered the meaning of life budgie style with a lot of chattering and excitement.

Wanda wondered if it was really necessary to go outside to have a bath at all, as she prefers to wade through one of the drink bowls.


I had an orphan hand pieced bobbin block I wanted to do something with.....A hankering to do something with red fabric, a space against a small, odd shaped wall in the ensuite bathroom which was crying out to have something done with it, a wicker basket full of loo rolls which needed something to cover them.  Something also needed to be done about needing a doorstop and I really wanted to have something finished early this month for OPAM.........I'm glad I could think of something to do about it all! 

Love Cats was started in January last year.  I think it is time for a finish!