Saturday, 2 February 2013


I had an orphan hand pieced bobbin block I wanted to do something with.....A hankering to do something with red fabric, a space against a small, odd shaped wall in the ensuite bathroom which was crying out to have something done with it, a wicker basket full of loo rolls which needed something to cover them.  Something also needed to be done about needing a doorstop and I really wanted to have something finished early this month for OPAM.........I'm glad I could think of something to do about it all! 

Love Cats was started in January last year.  I think it is time for a finish!


  1. Those cats clearly need some glasses ... are they egg warmes? hmm amybe for first eggs then normal eggs and then some duck eggs ...

  2. a great way to hide the loo rolls.... your cats are so cute....