Thursday, 31 January 2013

January OPAM Finish

From having watery cups of tea when I was very young......... 

Tea has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.........

Without tea, I'd feel like there would be something missing in my life.....

I've laughed, cried, celebrated, mourned and everything in between over a cup or mug of tea. 

I added to my tea pot collection today with a small, shiny, black number (cheaper than chips @ $5 from Kmart), which brings it to a grand total of twelve....and a couple of plungers.....but only one tea cosy.


So as I cut a piece of dowel for this little wall hanging, I will remind myself that no matter what happens, I need to......Keep calm and put the kettle on!


  1. sugar is a no go with tea - milk ok , lemon ok too but sugar?

    It's a really nice tea set - well I'm a bit predjudiced, I like tea and I like green.

    Hehe I have 3 big mugs - one for coffe, one for tea and one for guests, you can't really call that a collection.

    Enjoy your tea!

  2. oh those are just perfect... what fun.... 'tea makes the world go round'....
    now I'm just off for a cuppa...