Sunday, 27 January 2013

No Go Mojo

My crafting mojo went to play out in the sunshine a couple of weeks ago and got lost!!!!  It seems to be playing hide and seek with me at the moment.

It ran back in and stayed a while for a knitted hat.  I like knitting in the summer....having reverse cycle air conditioning helps there. lol  I'm a slow knitter, so yarn sticking to hot hands isn't a problem.  Also, if I knitted during the cold weather, I'd be knitting for the next winter! lol

This hat started as Hot Head by Alex Zorn from the book Stitch 'N Bitch by Debbie Stoller.  I didn't have any 12 ply yarn, so substituted that with 8 ply Colorado by Heirloom and made the appropriate adjustments for the number of stitches.  Next, I decided that I had a hankering for knitting in the round, so changed to circular needles after casting on.  After knitting a couple of inches (following the pattern 2x rib pattern) I thought the yarn would shine if it was in stocking stitch instead of rib.  So I changed that.  When it came to shaping the crown, I used the pattern as a guide, until it came to the last few rows, where I completely ignored it and ended up with a little dimple at the top....I always say that more can be learned from making mistakes than getting it right all the time......It is not a disaster and I can live with it, but will remember for next time to finish it at eight stitches instead of four!

I like the hat and have decided to call it The 8 Ply Hat.  I am really happy with the fit and like how soft the wool is.....I'm so happy with it that I wore it all yesterday afternoon (in the was 38 degrees C/100 degrees F) before I washed it!

This is the only decent photo I can get at the moment of a little runner and tea cozy I'm working on.  This spooled ribbon will be used to make a loop at the top of the tea cozy.  It's been sitting in my stash for a few months, waiting for "something" to do with it.  

Lestat was being a pest because he wanted his tea two hours early inspecting my progress on Catz by The Chook Shed.  The plan is to quilt through the applique using the raw edge method, add buttons for eyes and hand stitch details such as whiskers, then quilt little hearts in a continuous line in the borders.  I'm not quite sure what that is going to look like yet, but I do know that I'll draw it on some cheap and nasty greaseproof paper (it has to rip out easier than the Glad baking paper I used recently for some fmq), then fmq it.


  1. hmm maybe you shouldn't wear hats in 38°C - that's seriously heats up your brain, no wonder it's not able to form any coherent thoughts on crafting. I'm enjoying snow and -9°C to -7°C at the moment.
    What do you need a tea cozy for in that weather - you are lucky if it cools down to drinking temperature on its own.
    what is reverse-something-air conditioning? The only thing I ever get from ACs is a bad cold, so I'm not really a fan of them.

  2. We had snow yesterday, rain overnight, and sun today. It's now a steamy eight degrees.
    I think my mojo must have gone on holiday with yours somewhere, I know I've been struggling through getting things done since the beginning of the month.
    Love the hat, it's a lovely colour, and you wouldn't notice the modifications if you hadn't told us

  3. Heee. I enjoy the thought of you wearing your hat in the air-con. ;)
    It is cute.

    I love the Catz quilt!