Saturday, 12 January 2013

This and That

This is a pile of 1/2 inch hexies.  The plan is to make a Grandmother's Garden wall hanging with an applique border.  This could possibly be a prim hare leaping around the sides. The flowers will all have yellow (from light to gold) centres.   

There are some things that might be great in your head, but no good in reality....This is one of them.  It is one of the blocks from Debbie Mumm's Retro Hoot Owls from her book 25 Years Of Quilting.  I want to make the quilt, but just not in these fabrics, so it will be unpicked, pressed and popped back in the stash.

Crochet has finally clicked in for me.  It is beginning to make sense!  This is my first attempt at Allison Hoffman's baby monster.  Her work is fabulous!  She has patterns for sale, as well as some very cute freebies!  

Last night I sat down and decided to go right back to basics with learning how to crochet.  My knitted facecloths are looking a bit ratty and need replacing, so I decided it was a good time to practise single crochet by making a new one.  This is NOT going to be it! lol  The stitches are so tight I can hardly get the hook through, so it is going to be ripped and started again....with a bigger hook.

I really like crochet motifs, so the plan is to make a few face/laundry cloths, become competent with a few stitches and get the tension right (in other words figure out what I'm doing lol), then move on to motifs and make a giant granny square blanket!!!!  It is something I've wanted to make for rather a long time.  

Tim (on the left) and Wanda were out with me the other morning enjoying the cool air.  It is lovely to have some cool days after the heatwave we had recently!

Lestat is terrified of the vacuum cleaner and always hides in the bed or under a quilt.  Then usually stays a little longer.....He looks very relaxed under there, doesn't he?

This is another honey eater which visits the garden.  I took this the same day as the one of Tim and Wanda.  My sewing table faces out onto the back garden, so I get a lovely view of this and another grevillia bush with all kind of bird antics!  

I'm not sure what kind of insect this is.  I've not seen one before.  I took the photo earlier this morning.  It is still sitting on the fence, so curiosity got the better of me. I ducked out and measured it.  It is 6cm long.  I felt very brave....only because it hadn't moved for so long.  If it had flown over, landed and then crawled on me I think I would have passed out with fright! lololol


  1. Well - certainly looks like you have been busy - ;))

    1. It keeps me off the streets and out of the pub!!!!

  2. I love the quilt Lestat is under. Dischcloth are great for practising stitches on. Growing up I did my mum a dishcloth with lots of different patterns in that I was trying, lol. Now it's the crochet that gets a try out

  3. what the ?? ½" hexies I now knows you are umm ummm insane..I am sure the crochet will happen-you just gotta have the right wool and hook for you..aww love the budgies..hehehe Lestat cats are so funny..just keep that ghastly looking thang over there ok...cheers

  4. Hehe - I agree that's a crochet disaster - but other than just keep doing it you can't do much more to get the loops (whatevers) even and wide enough for the next round, but not too wide to make the whole thing look like a net. There is just one thing - knitting and crochetng in summer, when it's warm is not something I would do. Your fingers aren't really dry so the hread/yarn gets pulled tighter during the process than it should. - But you already know that I guess - does it ever get really cold at your place?
    That bug - dragonfly - mixture really looks scary.

  5. what tiny little hexies yoiu are playing with.... I love home made dishcloths too and usually have one on the go for doing in the car (not when I am driving just in case yoiu might thing that!!!) ... Letstat found a lovely quilt to hide under... fascinating flying thing there....

  6. Sorry about the fabric snafu on your Hoot Owl. I spent last night unpicking something, and it was not fun. ;)

    As for that bug... I think I would've passed out right along with you!

  7. Good luck with the crochet, it's something that I would love to try but I need a new hobby at the moment like I need a hole in the head.

    That pile of hexie's looks interesting