Saturday, 5 January 2013

Squishy Goodness

My post office box was exploding with squishy goodness this week.  Firstly, I swapped a spare copy of a quilt calendar with Fiona for A Quilters Companion diary. 

I find a diary indispensable at work to keep a record of all the day to day goings on in my classroom, such as who are line leaders, helpers, power ranger etc....All VERY important goings on when you are seven or eight years old.  A bit of quilty eye candy never goes astray either!

As well as the diary, Fiona also gifted me a beautiful hand made needlecase.

Everything about it is so lovely.....the fabric, the ties and the perfect hand stitching!

The inside didn't stay empty very long...........

It takes pride of place in my portable project case.....

holding tiny quilting needles which I am using to sew a Grandmother's Garden using small hexies.

Fiona also included a sweet selvedge book mark.  I feel very spoilt.  Thank you very much for your gifts, Fiona.

My post office box continued to pop out squishes......These are the FQs I received from my partners in the You Complete Me: A UFO Group on Threadbias.

It was also the day my order from the Fat Quarter Shop arrived.  I ordered a FQ bundle of Seasonal Little Gatherings during the 12 Days of Christmas sale.  I've been a fan of prim and naive crafts for many years, so was delighted when this line was included....doubly so when I saw it was 40% off.  I can see a Kim Diehl quilt in my near future!

This is my first finish for the year.  The courthouse steps block in the middle of the placemat was calling out to be something.....There was a need for a place's been put to really good use since I finished it.

There's so much more I want to share with you....about Christmas, current projects, plans for the year etc etc but it will have to wait until next time!


  1. Glad that squishy got there fine.. and lovely fabrics to play with - especially at bargain price .... the little courthouse block looks so cute... fabric mats are the best...

  2. Oh, you lucky girl. I've been drooling over Fiona's needlecases on her blog! Hope the diary doesn't prove to be too distracting in class, and a great finish to start the year.

  3. mine too ...
    for your sake I'm hping that's an inch-measuring tape and not a metric one...
    what are line leaders and power rangers?
    the only important thing we had was "black board duty" cleaning the huge black board during the breaks, but it was only important in winter, it meant you were allowed to stay inside during the breakfast break - if you managed to clean it for 20 minutes

  4. You got some great post! The mat is lovely, congratulations